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Function Index

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Index Entry  Section

abs: Numerical Functions
acons: Association Lists
adjoin: Lists as Sets
assert: Assertions
assoc*: Association Lists
assoc-if: Association Lists
assoc-if-not: Association Lists

block: Blocks and Exits
butlast: List Functions

caddr: List Functions
callf: Modify Macros
callf2: Modify Macros
case: Conditionals
ceiling*: Numerical Functions
check-type: Assertions
cl-float-limits: Implementation Parameters
cl-prettyexpand: Efficiency Concerns
coerce: Type Predicates
compiler-macroexpand: Macros
concatenate: Sequence Functions
copy-list: List Functions
copy-tree: List Functions
count: Searching Sequences
count-if: Searching Sequences
count-if-not: Searching Sequences

decf: Modify Macros
declaim: Declarations
declare: Declarations
defalias: Function Aliases
define-compiler-macro: Macros
define-modify-macro: Customizing Setf
define-setf-method: Customizing Setf
defmacro*: Argument Lists
defsetf: Customizing Setf
defsetf: Customizing Setf
defstruct: Structures
defsubst*: Argument Lists
deftype: Type Predicates
defun*: Argument Lists
delete: Sequence Functions
delete*: Sequence Functions
delete-duplicates: Sequence Functions
delete-if: Sequence Functions
delete-if-not: Sequence Functions
destructuring-bind: Macros
do: Iteration
do*: Iteration
do-all-symbols: Iteration
do-symbols: Iteration
dolist: Iteration
dotimes: Iteration

ecase: Conditionals
endp: List Functions
eql: Equality Predicates
equalp: Equality Predicates
etypecase: Conditionals
eval-when: Time of Evaluation
eval-when-compile: Time of Evaluation
evenp: Predicates on Numbers
every: Mapping over Sequences
expt: Numerical Functions

fill: Sequence Functions
find: Searching Sequences
find-if: Searching Sequences
find-if-not: Searching Sequences
first: List Functions
flet: Function Bindings
floatp-safe: Predicates on Numbers
floor*: Numerical Functions
function*: Argument Lists

gcd: Numerical Functions
gensym: Creating Symbols
gentemp: Creating Symbols
get-setf-method: Customizing Setf
getf: Property Lists

ignore-errors: Assertions
incf: Modify Macros
intersection: Lists as Sets
isqrt: Numerical Functions

labels: Function Bindings
last: List Functions
lcm: Numerical Functions
ldiff: List Functions
letf: Modify Macros
letf*: Modify Macros
lexical-let: Lexical Bindings
lexical-let*: Lexical Bindings
list*: List Functions
list-length: List Functions
load-time-value: Time of Evaluation
locally: Declarations
loop: Iteration
loop: Loop Basics

macrolet: Macro Bindings
make-random-state: Random Numbers
map: Mapping over Sequences
mapc: Mapping over Sequences
mapcan: Mapping over Sequences
mapcar*: Mapping over Sequences
mapcon: Mapping over Sequences
mapl: Mapping over Sequences
maplist: Mapping over Sequences
member: Lists as Sets
member*: Lists as Sets
member-if: Lists as Sets
member-if-not: Lists as Sets
merge: Sorting Sequences
minusp: Predicates on Numbers
mismatch: Searching Sequences
mod*: Numerical Functions
multiple-value-bind: Multiple Values
multiple-value-setq: Multiple Values

nbutlast: List Functions
nintersection: Lists as Sets
notany: Mapping over Sequences
notevery: Mapping over Sequences
nset-difference: Lists as Sets
nset-exclusive-or: Lists as Sets
nsublis: Substitution of Expressions
nsubst: Substitution of Expressions
nsubst-if: Substitution of Expressions
nsubst-if-not: Substitution of Expressions
nsubstitute: Sequence Functions
nsubstitute-if: Sequence Functions
nsubstitute-if-not: Sequence Functions
nunion: Lists as Sets

oddp: Predicates on Numbers

pairlis: Association Lists
plusp: Predicates on Numbers
pop: Modify Macros
position: Searching Sequences
position-if: Searching Sequences
position-if-not: Searching Sequences
proclaim: Declarations
progv: Dynamic Bindings
psetf: Modify Macros
psetq: Assignment
push: Modify Macros
pushnew: Modify Macros

random*: Random Numbers
random-state-p: Random Numbers
rassoc: Association Lists
rassoc*: Association Lists
rassoc-if: Association Lists
rassoc-if-not: Association Lists
reduce: Mapping over Sequences
rem*: Numerical Functions
remf: Property Lists
remove: Sequence Functions
remove*: Sequence Functions
remove-duplicates: Sequence Functions
remove-if: Sequence Functions
remove-if-not: Sequence Functions
remq: Sequence Functions
replace: Sequence Functions
rest: List Functions
return: Blocks and Exits
return-from: Blocks and Exits
rotatef: Modify Macros
round*: Numerical Functions

search: Searching Sequences
set-difference: Lists as Sets
set-exclusive-or: Lists as Sets
setf: Basic Setf
shiftf: Modify Macros
some: Mapping over Sequences
sort*: Sorting Sequences
stable-sort: Sorting Sequences
sublis: Substitution of Expressions
subseq: Sequence Functions
subsetp: Lists as Sets
subst: Substitution of Expressions
subst-if: Substitution of Expressions
subst-if-not: Substitution of Expressions
substitute: Sequence Functions
substitute-if: Sequence Functions
substitute-if-not: Sequence Functions
symbol-macrolet: Macro Bindings

tailp: Lists as Sets
the: Declarations
tree-equal: List Functions
truncate*: Numerical Functions
typecase: Conditionals
typep: Type Predicates

union: Lists as Sets
unless: Conditionals

when: Conditionals

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