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5 Utilities

These utilities can come in handy when adding customization support.

Widget: custom-manual

Widget type for specifying the info manual entry for a customization option. It takes one argument, an info address.

Function: custom-add-to-group group member widget

To existing group add a new member of type widget, If there already is an entry for that member, overwrite it.

Function: custom-add-link symbol widget

To the custom option symbol add the link widget.

Function: custom-add-load symbol load

To the custom option symbol add the dependency load. load should be either a library file name, or a feature name.

Function: customize-menu-create symbol &optional name

Create menu for customization group symbol. If optional name is given, use that as the name of the menu. Otherwise the menu will be named ‘Customize’. The menu is in a format applicable to easy-menu-define.