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Q2.0.14: How do I figure out which packages to install?

Many people really liked the old way that packages were bundled and do not want to mess with packages at all. You can grab all the packages at once like you used to with old SXEmacs versions. Download the file


For a SXEmacs compiled with Mule you also need


from the packages directory on your XEmacs mirror archive. N.B. They are called ’Sumo Tarballs’ for good reason. They are currently about 15MB and 2.3MB (gzipped) respectively.

Install them by

cd $prefix/lib/sxemacs ; gunzip -c <tarballname> | tar xf -

See README.packages for more detailed installation instructions.

As the Sumo tarballs are not regenerated as often as the individual packages, it is recommended that you use the automatic package tools afterwards to pick up any recent updates.