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Q2.0.3: Compiling SXEmacs with Netaudio.

What is the best way to compile SXEmacs with the netaudio system, since I have got the netaudio system compiled but installed at a weird place, I am not root. Also in the READMEs it does not say anything about compiling with the audioserver?

You should only need to add some stuff to the configure command line.


Then (fingers crossed) it should compile and it will use netaudio if you have a server running corresponding to the X server. The netaudio server has to be there when SXEmacs starts. If the netaudio server goes away and another is run, SXEmacs should cope (fingers crossed, error handling in netaudio isn’t perfect).

BTW, netaudio has been renamed as it has a name clash with something else, so if you see references to NAS or Network Audio System, it’s the same thing. It also might be found at