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Q2.1.14: C-g doesn’t work for me. Is it broken?

Ben Wing writes:

C-g does work for most people in most circumstances. If it doesn’t, there are only two explanations:

  1. The code is wrapped with a binding of inhibit-quit to t. Ctrl-Shift-G should still work, I think.
  2. SIGIO is broken on your system, but BROKEN_SIGIO isn’t defined.

To test #2, try executing (while t) from the ‘*scratch*’ buffer. If C-g doesn’t interrupt, then you’re seeing #2.

Morten Welinder writes:

On some (but not all) machines a hung SXEmacsen can be revived by kill -FPE <pid>. This is a hack, of course, not a solution. This technique works on a Sun4 running 4.1.3_U1. To see if it works for you, start another SXEmacs and test with that first. If you get a core dump the method doesn’t work and if you get ‘Arithmetic error’ then it does.