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Q2.1.2: Cryptic Minibuffer messages.

When I try to use some particular option of some particular package, I get a cryptic error in the minibuffer.

If you can’t figure out what’s going on, select Options/General Options/Debug on Error from the Menubar and then try and make the error happen again. This will give you a backtrace that may be enlightening. If not, try reading through this FAQ; if that fails, you could try posting to comp.emacs.xemacs (making sure to include the backtrace) and someone may be able to help. If you can identify which Emacs lisp source file the error is coming from you can get a more detailed stack backtrace by doing the following:

  1. Visit the .el file in a SXEmacs buffer.
  2. Issue the command M-x eval-current-buffer.
  3. Reproduce the error.

Depending on the version of SXEmacs, you may either select View->Show Message Log (recent versions)from the menubar to see the most recent messages. This command is bound to C-h l by default.