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Q3.2.6: Can I have pixmap backgrounds in SXEmacs?

Juan Villacis writes:

There are several ways to do it. For example, you could specify a default pixmap image to use in your ~/.Xresources, e.g.,

  Emacs*EmacsFrame.default.attributeBackgroundPixmap: /path/to/image.xpm

and then reload ~/.Xresources and restart SXEmacs. Alternatively, since each face can have its own pixmap background, a better way would be to set a face’s pixmap within your SXEmacs init file, e.g.,

  (set-face-background-pixmap 'default "/path/to/image.xpm")
  (set-face-background-pixmap 'bold    "/path/to/another_image.xpm")

and so on. You can also do this interactively via M-x edit-faces.