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Q3.5.6: How to map Help key alone on Sun type4 keyboard?

The following works in GNU Emacs 19:

(global-set-key [help] 'help-command);; Help

The following works in SXEmacs with the addition of shift:

(global-set-key [(shift help)] 'help-command);; Help

But it doesn’t work alone. This is in the file PROBLEMS which should have come with your SXEmacs installation: Emacs ignores the help key when running OLWM.

OLWM grabs the help key, and retransmits it to the appropriate client using XSendEvent. Allowing Emacs to react to synthetic events is a security hole, so this is turned off by default. You can enable it by setting the variable x-allow-sendevents to t. You can also cause fix this by telling OLWM to not grab the help key, with the null binding OpenWindows.KeyboardCommand.Help:.