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Q3.8.4: Resources like Emacs*menubar*font are not working?

I am trying to use a resource like Emacs*menubar*font to set the font of the menubar but it’s not working.

In Motif, the use of ‘font’ resources is obsoleted in order to support internationalisation. If you are using the real Motif menubar, this resource is not recognized at all; you have to say:

Emacs*menubar*fontList: FONT

If you are using the Lucid menubar, for backward compatibility with existing user configurations, the ‘font’ resource is recognized. Since this is not supported by Motif itself, the code is a kludge and the ‘font’ resource will be recognized only if the ‘fontList’ resource resource is unset. This means that the resource

*fontList: FONT

will override

Emacs*menubar*font: FONT

even though the latter is more specific.

In non-Motif configurations using ‘--with-mule’ and ‘--with-xfs’ it is necessary to use the fontSet resource instead of the font resource. The backward compatibility kludge was never implemented for non-Motif builds. Example:

*fontSet: FONT