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4.4: Sparcworks, EOS, and WorkShop

Q4.4.1: What is SPARCworks, EOS, and WorkShop?

John Turner writes:

SPARCworks is SunSoft’s development environment, comprising compilers (C, C++, FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90, Ada, and Pascal), a debugger, and other tools such as TeamWare (for configuration management), MakeTool, etc.

See for more info.

EOS stands for "Era on SPARCworks", but I don’t know what Era stands for.

EOS is the integration of SXEmacs with the SPARCworks debugger. It allows one to use a SXEmacs frame to view code (complete with fontification, etc.), set breakpoints, print variables, etc., while using the SPARCworks debugger. It works very well and I use it all the time.

Chuck Thompson writes:

Era stood for "Emacs Rewritten Again". It was what we were calling the modified version of Lucid Emacs for Sun when I was dragged, er, allowed to work on this wonderful editor.

Martin Buchholz writes:

EOS is being replaced with a new graphical development environment called Sun WorkShop. For more details, check out