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Q4.7.5: Is there a reason for an Emacs package not to be included in SXEmacs?

The reason for an Emacs package not to be included in SXEmacs is usually one or more of the following:

  1. The package has not been ported to (S)XEmacs. This will typically happen when it uses GNU-Emacs-specific features, which make it fail under (S)XEmacs.

    Porting a package to (S)XEmacs can range from a trivial amount of change to a partial or full rewrite. Fortunately, the authors of modern packages usually choose to support all Emacsen themselves.

  2. The package has been decided not to be appropriate for (S)XEmacs. It may have an equivalent or better replacement within (S)XEmacs, in which case the developers may choose not to burden themselves with supporting an additional package.

    Each package bundled with (S)XEmacs means more work for the maintainers, whether they want it or not. If you are ready to take over the maintenance responsibilities for the package you port, be sure to say so—we will more likely include it.

  3. The package simply hasn’t been noted by the (S)XEmacs development. If that’s the case, the messages like yours are very useful for attracting our attention.
  4. The package was noted by the developers, but they simply haven’t yet gotten around to including/porting it. Wait for the next release or, even better, offer your help. It will be gladly accepted and appreciated.