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39.1 Creating Frames

To create a new frame, call the function make-frame.

Command: make-frame &optional props device

This function creates a new frame on device, if device permits creation of frames. (An X server does; an ordinary terminal does not (yet).) device defaults to the selected device if omitted. See Consoles and Devices.

The argument props is a property list (a list of alternating keyword-value specifications) of properties for the new frame. (An alist is accepted for backward compatibility but should not be passed in.) Any properties not mentioned in props default according to the value of the variable default-frame-plist.

For X devices, properties not specified in default-frame-plist default in turn from default-x-frame-plist and, if not specified there, from the X resources. For TTY devices, default-tty-frame-plist is consulted as well as default-frame-plist.

The set of possible properties depends in principle on what kind of window system SXEmacs uses to display its frames. See X Frame Properties, for documentation of individual properties you can specify when creating an X window frame.