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59.3 Miscellaneous X Functions and Variables

Variable: x-bitmap-file-path

This variable holds a list of the directories in which X bitmap files may be found. If nil, this is initialized from the ‘"*bitmapFilePath"’ resource. This is used by the make-image-instance function (however, note that if the environment variable ‘XBMLANGPATH’ is set, it is consulted first).

Variable: x-library-search-path

This variable holds the search path used by read-color to find rgb.txt.

Function: x-valid-keysym-name-p keysym

This function returns true if keysym names a keysym that the X library knows about. Valid keysyms are listed in the files /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h and in /usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB, or whatever the equivalents are on your system.

Function: x-window-id &optional frame

This function returns the ID of the X11 window. This gives us a chance to manipulate the SXEmacs window from within a different program. Since the ID is an unsigned long, we return it as a string.

Variable: x-allow-sendevents

If non-nil, synthetic events are allowed. nil means they are ignored. Beware: allowing SXEmacs to process SendEvents opens a big security hole.

Function: x-debug-mode arg &optional device

With a true arg, make the connection to the X server synchronous. With false, make it asynchronous. Synchronous connections are much slower, but are useful for debugging. (If you get X errors, make the connection synchronous, and use a debugger to set a breakpoint on x_error_handler. Your backtrace of the C stack will now be useful. In asynchronous mode, the stack above x_error_handler isn’t helpful because of buffering.) If device is not specified, the selected device is assumed.

Calling this function is the same as calling the C function XSynchronize, or starting the program with the ‘-sync’ command line argument.

Variable: x-debug-events

If non-zero, debug information about events that SXEmacs sees is displayed. Information is displayed on stderr. Currently defined values are:

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