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19 New Features

How do you get a new feature into SXEmacs? It’s not hard, but remember this, we look at any new feature in this order of priority...

  1. Tested working code.
  2. A plan of action with Proof of concept code.
  3. A plan of action with a willingness to write the code.
  4. An idea with a willingness to move it to a real plan and then to code.
  5. An idea with a willingness to help test any code resulting from it.
  6. “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if...”

Don’t be disheartened if you aren’t a master programmer, quite often the best new features and ideas come from non-programmers. All too often the people writing the code get caught up in what they are doing and find it hard to see things from outside of the box. Anyone can help with ideas and with testing new code and features.

Any new feature begins with an idea, and at that point somebody should post that idea to SXEmacs Devel.