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14 Vanilla sources (no repo)

Are you in the right place? All you have is a SXEmacs source tarball and you don’t have git installed.

Yes? OK, great, read on.

You will have the toughest time of it I’m afraid because you will have to do everything manually. But it isn’t too bad. No worse than for any other project.

Your hacking cycle will look something like this:

  1. Unpack the source tarball somewhere and don’t touch it. This will be your pristine sources.
  2. Make a copy of your pristine sources somewhere else. This will be your working tree where you make your changes.
  3. cd into your working tree and hack hack hack
  4. Jump out of your working tree and do: diff -urNp pristine-tree working-tree > my-sxemacs.diff

    A note of caution here: Please ensure that you are diff’ing clean trees. In other words, run make distclean in your working tree before creating the diff.

  5. Send my-sxemacs.diff (gzip’d if large) as a MIME attachment together with a detailed description of your changes to the SXEmacs Patches mailing list.