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Building Packages:

Currently, source packages are only available via anonymous CVS. See for details of checking out the xemacs-packages module.

22.8.8 Prerequisites for Building Source Packages

GNU cp
GNU install

(or a BSD compatible install program).

GNU make

(3.75 or later preferred).


(4.2 from GNU texinfo 4.2 or later required).

GNU tar

(or equivalent).

GNU gzip

(or equivalent).

A properly configured Local.rules file.

Local.rules File.

And of course, SXEmacs.

22.8.9 What You Can Do With Source Packages

The packages CVS sources are most useful for creating XEmacs package tarballs for installation into your own SXEmacs installations or for distributing to others.

For a list and description of the different Makefile targets, See (lispref)Makefile Targets.