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21.12 Modes for C, C++, Java and similar languages

The recommended means for supporting the “C–like” programming languages in SXEmacs is the cc-mode package. CC Mode is not included in the basic SXEmacs distribution but is available as an optional package. If loading a file whose names ends in the .cc extension does not automatically invoke a C++ Mode then the cc-mode package is probably not yet installed. See Packages.

CC Mode provides modes for editing source files in Awk (awk-mode), C (c-mode), C++ (c++-mode), CORBA IDL (idl-mode), Java (java-mode), Objective C (objc-mode), and Pike (pike-mode). All these languages are supported with an sophisticated “indentation engine” that is feature rich, customizable and quite efficient.

Each language major mode runs hooks in the conventionally named hook variables (see Mode Hooks). In addition to this conventional behavior all the CC Mode major modes will also run hooks in c-mode-common-hook before invoking the major mode specific hook.

CC Mode runs any hooks in c-initialization-hook exactly once when it is first loaded.

CC Mode is a very comprehensive and flexible system and full description of its capabilities is beyond the scope of this manual. It is strongly recommended that the reader consult the CC Mode documentation for details once the package has been installed. See CC Mode in The CC Mode Manual.

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