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27.2.3 Editing Variable Values

M-x list-options

Display a buffer listing names, values, and documentation of all options.

M-x edit-options

Change option values by editing a list of options.

M-x list-options displays a list of all Emacs option variables in an Emacs buffer named ‘*List Options*’. Each option is shown with its documentation and its current value. Here is what a portion of it might look like:

;; exec-path:
("." "/usr/local/bin" "/usr/ucb" "/bin" "/usr/bin" "/u2/emacs/etc")
*List of directories to search programs to run in subprocesses.
Each element is a string (directory name)
or nil (try the default directory).
;; fill-column:
*Column beyond which automatic line-wrapping should happen.
Automatically becomes local when set in any fashion.

M-x edit-options goes one step further and immediately selects the ‘*List Options*’ buffer; this buffer uses the major mode Options mode, which provides commands that allow you to point at an option and change its value:


Set the variable point is in or near to a new value read using the minibuffer.


Toggle the variable point is in or near: if the value was nil, it becomes t; otherwise it becomes nil.


Set the variable point is in or near to t.


Set the variable point is in or near to nil.


Move to the next or previous variable.