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21.11.7 Tags Table Inquiries

M-x list-tags

Display a list of the tags defined in a specific program file.

M-x tags-apropos

Display a list of all tags matching a specified regexp.

M-x list-tags reads the name of one of the files described by the selected tags table, and displays a list of all the tags defined in that file. The “file name” argument is really just a string to compare against the names recorded in the tags table; it is read as a string rather than a file name. Therefore, completion and defaulting are not available, and you must enter the string the same way it appears in the tag table. Do not include a directory as part of the file name unless the file name recorded in the tags table contains that directory.

M-x tags-apropos is like apropos for tags. It reads a regexp, then finds all the tags in the selected tags table whose entries match that regexp, and displays the tag names found.