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27.6.3 Terminal-Specific Initialization

Each terminal type can have a Lisp library to be loaded into Emacs when it is run on that type of terminal. For a terminal type named termtype, the library is called term/termtype and it is found by searching the directories load-path as usual and trying the suffixes ‘.elc’ and ‘.el’. Normally it appears in the subdirectory term of the directory where most Emacs libraries are kept.

The usual purpose of the terminal-specific library is to define the escape sequences used by the terminal’s function keys using the library keypad.el. See the file term/vt100.el for an example of how this is done.

When the terminal type contains a hyphen, only the part of the name before the first hyphen is significant in choosing the library name. Thus, terminal types ‘aaa-48’ and ‘aaa-30-rv’ both use the library term/aaa. The code in the library can use (getenv "TERM") to find the full terminal type name.

The library’s name is constructed by concatenating the value of the variable term-file-prefix and the terminal type. Your init file can prevent the loading of the terminal-specific library by setting term-file-prefix to nil. See Init File.

The value of the variable term-setup-hook, if not nil, is called as a function of no arguments at the end of Emacs initialization, after both your init file and any terminal-specific library have been read. See Init File. You can set the value in the init file to override part of any of the terminal-specific libraries and to define initializations for terminals that do not have a library.

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