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1 Introduction, Policy, Credits

Learning SXEmacs is a lifelong activity. Even people who have used Emacs for years keep discovering new features. Therefore this document cannot be complete. Instead it is aimed at the person who is either considering SXEmacs for their own use, or has just obtained it and is wondering what to do next. It is also useful as a reference to available resources.

The origin of this FAQ is well beyond SXEmacs-times and stems from the XEmacs crew. The initiator was Anthony Rossini. The tale goes he got tired of hearing JWZ complain about repeatedly having to answer questions. Ben Wing and Chuck Thompson, the principal authors of XEmacs, then took over and Ben did a massive update reorganising the whole thing.

The previous version was converted to hypertext format, and edited by Steven L. Baur. It was converted back to texinfo by Hrvoje Niksic. The FAQ was then maintained by Andreas Kaempf, who passed it on to Christian Nyb√ł.

If you notice any errors or items which should be added or amended to this FAQ please send email to Include ‘SXEmacs FAQ’ on the Subject: line.

1.0: Introduction

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