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Q1.0.4: Why another version of Emacs?

First of all, the situation got a little complicated. With SXEmacs regarded as a featurised, cleaned-up XEmacs, there are only two major Emacs flavours. Disregarding that, we have three. Thus let us compare GNU Emacs to SXEmacs/XEmacs in the first place, and afterwards do the comparison SXEmacs vs. XEmacs.

Q1.0.4.1 GNU Emacs vs. SXEmacs/XEmacs

Here is a list of some of the reasons why we think you might consider using it:

Q1.0.4.2 SXEmacs vs. XEmacs

SXEmacs’ strengths are clearly its feature list and its performance. Also, these were the main reasons to fork. XEmacs maintainers became more and more uninterested in useful additions, reductions and optimisations on the C-level.

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