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29.1 Lucid Widget Library

Lwlib is extremely poorly documented and quite hairy. The author(s) blame that on X, Xt, and Motif, with some justice, but also sufficient hypocrisy to avoid drawing the obvious conclusion about their own work.

The Lucid Widget Library is composed of two more or less independent pieces. The first, as the name suggests, is a set of widgets. These widgets are intended to resemble and improve on widgets provided in the Motif toolkit but not in the Athena widgets, including menubars and scrollbars. Recent additions by Andy Piper integrate some “modern” widgets by Edward Falk, including checkboxes, radio buttons, progress gauges, and index tab controls (aka notebooks).

The second piece of the Lucid widget library is a generic interface to several toolkits for X (including Xt, the Athena widget set, and Motif, as well as the Lucid widgets themselves) so that core SXEmacs code need not know which widget set has been used to build the graphical user interface.