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Key (Character) Index

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Index Entry  Section

C-<: Selecting Text
C->: Selecting Text
C-a: Cursor Position
C-b: Cursor Position
C-d: Erase
C-e: Cursor Position
C-fx: Cursor Position
C-g: The Help Menu
C-h d: The Help Menu
C-h k: The Help Menu
C-h t: Edit
C-k: Erase
C-M-\: Region Operation
C-n: Cursor Position
C-p: Cursor Position
C-r: Search and Replace
C-s: Search and Replace
C-SPC: Selecting Text
C-SPC: Region Operation
C-t: Cursor Position
C-u: Numeric Argument
C-v: Cursor Position
C-w: Region Operation
C-x 0: SXEmacs Window
C-x 1: SXEmacs Window
C-x 2: SXEmacs Window
C-x 3: SXEmacs Window
C-x 4: SXEmacs Window
C-x 4 b: SXEmacs Window
C-x 4 d: SXEmacs Window
C-x 4 f: SXEmacs Window
C-x 4 m: SXEmacs Window
C-x 5 C-f: Visiting
C-x C-c: Exiting
C-x C-f: Visiting
C-x C-l: Region Operation
C-x C-s: Saving Files
C-x C-u: Region Operation
C-x C-v: Visiting
C-x C-w: Saving Files
C-x C-x: Selecting Text
C-x s: Saving Files
C-x TAB: Region Operation
C-x u: Undo
C-y: Moving Text
C-z: Exiting

DEL: Insert

M--: Numeric Argument
M-<: Cursor Position
M->: Cursor Position
M-C-v: SXEmacs Window
M-d: Erase
M-DEL: Erase
M-k: Erase
M-v: Cursor Position
M-z: Erase

RET: Insert

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