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abbrev-mode: Minor Modes
accumulating text: Accumulating text
add menus: Customizing Menus
Auto Delete Selection menu item: Options Menu
auto saving: Saving Files
auto-save-mode: Minor Modes

binding keys: Customizing key Bindings
blink-paren: Minor Modes
buffer: Entering
Buffers menu: Buffers Menu
Buffers Menu Length... menu item: Options Menu
Buffers Sub-Menus menu item: Options Menu

c-mode: Major Modes
Case Sensitive Search menu item: Options Menu
Clear menu item: Edit menu
clipboard selection: Mouse
Copy menu item: Edit menu
copying text: Accumulating text
creating-directories: File Names
cursor control: Cursor Position
cursor position: Cursor Position
cursor shapes: Mouse
customize: Customization Basics
customize: Other Customizations
customize menus: Customizing Menus
Cut menu item: Edit menu

Delete Frame menu item: File menu
delete menus: Customizing Menus
deleting: Erase
deleting menu items: Customizing Menus
deletion: Insert
digit argument: Numeric Argument
disable menus: Customizing Menus
disabling menu items: Customizing Menus
displaying time: Init File

echo area: Echo Area
edit-picture: Major Modes
enabling menu items: Customizing Menus
End Macro Recording menu item: Edit menu
entering Emacs: Enter
entering SXEmacs: Enter
erasing: Erase
Execute Last Macro menu item: Edit menu
Exit Emacs menu item: File menu
exiting: Exiting

file: Entering
File menu: File menu
file names: File Names
files: Files
Font menu item: Options Menu
font-lock-mode: Minor Modes
font-lock-mode: Other Customizations
fortran-mode: Major Modes
fundamental-mode: Major Modes

goto-line: Cursor Position

help: Help
help: The Help Menu
Help menu: Help menu
hook: Other Customizations

init file examples: Init File
init.el: Customization Basics
Insert File... menu item: File menu
insertion: Insert

key bindings: Customizing key Bindings
keystrokes: Customizing key Bindings
Kill Buffer menu item: File menu
kill ring: Moving Text
killing: Moving Text
killing Emacs: Exiting

line-number-mode: Minor Modes
lisp-mode: Major Modes

major modes: Major Modes
mark: Select and Move
menus: SXEmacs Window
minor modes: Minor Modes
mistakes, correcting: Undo
mode line: Mode Line
modes: Modes
mouse selection: Mouse
moving text: Moving Text

negative argument: Numeric Argument
New Frame menu item: File menu
newline: Insert
nroff-mode: Major Modes
numeric argument: Numeric Argument

Open ... menu item: File menu
open another file: Frame
Open in New Frame... menu item: File menu
Options menu: Options Menu
outline-mode: Major Modes
overstrike: Insert
Overstrike menu item: Options Menu
overwrite-mode: Minor Modes

Paren Highlighting menu item: Options Menu
Paste menu item: Edit menu
pasting: Moving Text
primary selection: Mouse
Print Buffer menu item: File menu
pull-down-menus: SXEmacs Window

Read Only menu item: Options Menu
rectangle commands: Accumulating text
region: Select and Move
registers: Accumulating text
relabelling menu items: Customizing Menus
removing-directories: File Names
replace: Search and Replace
Revert Buffer menu item: File menu

Save Buffer As ... menu item: File menu
Save Buffer menu item: File menu
Save Options: Options Menu
saving files: Saving Files
searching: Search and Replace
selected window: Windows and Menus
setting variables: Setting Variables
shrinking SXEmacs frame: Exiting
simultaneous editing: Saving Files
Size menu item: Options Menu
Split Frame: File menu
Start Macro Recording menu item: Edit menu
suspending: Exiting
Syntax Highlighting menu item: Options Menu

Teach Extended Commands menu item: Options Menu
temporary storage: Accumulating text
tex-mode: Major Modes
texinfo-mode: Major Modes
top level: Mode Line

Un-split (Keep Others): File menu
Un-split (Keep This): File menu
undo: Undo
Undo menu item: Edit menu

visiting files: Visiting

Weight menu item: Options Menu
windows: Entering
windows: Windows and Menus
windows: SXEmacs Window

yanking: Moving Text

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