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Here are some screenshots that show SXEmacs in a few of the more interesting of uses. Please note that some of these require add-on packages, mostly from XEmacs' packages.
Splashscreen Screenshot
Splash Screen (146kb)
Calendar Screenshot
Calendar (80kb)
Editing the toolbar Screenshot
Toolbar editing (77kb)
Emchat Screenshot
Chatting on ICQ (129kb)
Riece Screenshot
Chatting on IRC (114kb)
eMoney Screenshot
Home finance (82kb)
Hello Screenshot
Hello hello (34kb)
Midnight Commander Screenshot
MC (97kb)
PS Screenshot
System processes (96kb)
Wand Screenshot
Image magic (76kb)
LiveJournal Screenshot
LiveJournal (42kb)
Sudoku Screenshot
Sudoku (64kb)
Sokoban Screenshot
Sokoban (34kb)
Snake Screenshot
Snake (33kb)
Tetris Screenshot
Tetris (33kb)