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4 Customize key bindings and menus

When you start SXEmacs, it reads the file init.el in the user-init-directory (see Init File in SXEmacs Lisp Reference Manual). You can use this file to initialize and customize SXEmacs to your liking. This file should contain lisp-code. You can customize your init.el file to create new menus, disable menus, change key bindings, enable a minor mode, etc. Any kind of customization affects only a particular SXEmacs job that you do them in. If you want to save your customizations ‘permanently’ i.e. for future use also, you have to put it in your ‘init.el’ file. After you make changes to your init.el file and save it, the changes will be effective only after you start SXEmacs again i.e. for a new SXEmacs process. To try out some of the examples in this section, highlight that region and evaluate the region by giving the command M-x eval-region. You will be able to see the results of your customizations in that SXEmacs session only (see Lisp Eval in SXEmacs User’s Manual).