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Sebastian Freundt
(aka hroptatyr)


Myself …

In real-life most of the time I destroy^Wdevelop fabulous code for Computer Algebra Systems. I'm a mathematician at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), thus my code is fancy. ;) So on the other hand, in my _real_ real-life, I'm occupied with fancifying code of several other projects, amongst them, apparently, The One True EditorTM.

Did I mention you can visit me along with some hardware donations? :)

My role …

My personal goal in this subtle project is to hack up some real fancy crypto cruft which'll enable SXE to have something like secure symbol content. Furthermore, I'll go to any lengths to weld SXE and postgres (actually there is no, repeat _no_ difference between them). And now that I'm currently planning my future, I'd like to add I'll certainly do some cosmetical changes to SXE, such as

My tips …

… to always provide the fanciest code of them all:


Mind profiling

Coding standards