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Zajcev Evgeny
(aka lg)


Selfdescription …

Hello there! My name is Zajcev Evgeny, but someone knows me as lg and even as hare, yeah white-white hare. I'm working as security guard of static objects and practicing programming rarely when having spare time. Former gymnast, now having serious skills in marksmanship and martial arts, combining with being kind and happy father of two beautiful children - here you can see us bathing altogether. My wife is scientist, specialized in designing and implementing neural networks for special use. But in real life she is hacker in motherhood and cooking. She still uses twm.

Life interests …

I'm interesting in teaching children in junior school(before 10 years old). I'm trying to inculcate new educational programme, firstly developed by famous(in narrow loop) mathematician Naum Vilenkin, aimed for educating little children with non-spoiled minds. Unfortunately the programme was declined by russian ministry of education, so only private schools are permited to try it out.

I'm absolute fan of Formula One - my God is Jarno Trully.

I also having QuakeWorld addiction - i'm member in DOT clan.

SXEmacs interests …

I'm very interested in creating new kind of human-to-computer interface. The idea of unified, common interface to all services you ever need and working ergonomic collective environment you can find in Jef Raskin's "The Human Interface" book. SXEmacs is very good candidate for building that kind of interface.

Currently I'm working on:

SXEmacs for me is qualitative step into CLDE - Common Lisp Desktop Environment direction.

Related projects …

I'm author/co-author of several packages for (S)XEmacs including:

And others ..