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Nelson Ferreira
(aka njsf)


Myself …

In real-life most of the time I architect fabulous solutions for enterprise systems and network management. I am an humble guy with a huge ego, so you know my little coding efforts are pretty good.

SXEmacs is my one-true hobby after the company I worked for decided I was better off coding specification documents rather than working beautiful solutions. Occasionally I do managed to slip by them a prototype project or two :)

My role …

My personal goal in this subtle project is to hack up some real cool multi-threading stuff to enable SXE to be so much more responsive when I am reading my email and news with Gnus. In general I want SXE to have a "Do what I mean" feel to it, which means I better start coding that mind-reader.el ...

I am sure in other to do that I will have to touch many other gory details :)